Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Personal Training & Aquatic Group Fitness Classes

SPLASH your way into shape! BucksFit’s aquatic personal training and aquatic group classes are a great way to change up your routine and keep your body guessing. BucksFit’s heated indoor pool features both shallow and deep water training to accommodate swimmers and non-swimmers alike.

BucksFit’s aquatic training is an ideal match for anyone! Whether you are an elite athlete, a beginner seeking a low-impact training session, or someone looking for post-rehabilitative exercise—our personal trainers and fitness instructors will work to help you achieve your goals.


Donna Kramer, Susan Dyen, Eric Bofinger


  • Monday 11am, 7pm
  • Tuesday 12pm, 5pm
  • Wednesday 11am, 7pm
  • Thursday 12pm, 5pm
  • Friday 11am


  • $150 for 15 session
  • $15 (drop in)

Some Benefits of Aquatic Training Include:

  • Water buoyancy helps to protect recuperating knees, ankles and hips.
  • Aquatic exercise reduces pain and increases flexibility.
  • Water supports and massages the body as you exercise.
  • All of the benefits of land exercise-with less sweat.
  • It has been known to reduce blood pressure, stress and risk of injury.